Headergrafik Bereich Wallfahrt


The Andechs pilgrimage was first documented in the early 12th century and is therefore the oldest in the whole of Bavaria. Even today, this tradition has not only lost none of its vibrancy, it is also enjoying new growth. 

Over 30,000 pilgrims every year

Year after year, organised pilgrims come to the Holy Mountain from over 130 pilgrim communities. In one day, the groups walk up to 50 km to reach Andechs. Recent years have seen the pilgrim groups growing in number. Also the average age of the pilgrims has been dropping in equal degree.

From Munich to Lindau

Since the Way of Saint James leading from Munich to Lindau was opened in 2003, this has also been used by many solitary pilgrims – mostly coming from Lake Starnberg– seeking an overnight stay in Andechs before resuming their pilgrimage to Dießen the next day.